Our clients include a variety of online b2b and b2c companies, ranging from small start-ups to large enterprises. Some of our clients include Adobe, BMC Software, Configurations, Dell, Motorholme.com, The Courage to Win, etc.

Matthew Brown, Vice President, Blacklight Solutions

“We were unsure what to focus on next for our marketing initiatives so initially we hired The Tarr Group in to consult with us. What we found was a highly innovative and hands-on team that drove new sales from the ground up in ways we hadn’t imagined yet. In three months they significantly grew our bottom line and helped establish partnerships that are still vibrant today.”

Rita Steinberg, Director of Marketing, BMC Software

“We hired The Tarr Group to help us maximize the use of our enterprise analytics and marketing automation platforms in order to better target our audience with content designed for their specific needs. What we found was a team that was highly responsive, original, and provided us with the exact solutions our prospects are looking for, on time and under budget. I don’t hesitate to recommend The Tarr Group to any company whether it’s a start-up or a large enterprise.”

William Rice, Director of Marketing, e-MDs

“When The Tarr Group began heading up our PPC campaign they  reduce our PPC spend by 75%, and increased our conversions, all while decreasing the cost per conversion by about 76% in 6 months. What impressed me most was their attention to detail in web site optimization, assistance in site layout and suggestions for A/B split design testing. They also went above and beyond with assistance on email marketing content which resulted in considerable webinar attendance for our Meaningful Use Webinar.”

Andrew Hughes, President, MotorHolme.com

“Working with Brett has been a dream. He has helped us grow in so many ways… I remember one time he told me to change just a few things on my site and it lead to an increase in our leads by 20% the next day. He has also helped me identify a lot of new opportunities that will help our company grow by over 150% this year.”

The Tarr Group helped redesign Motorholme.com’s website using proprietary landing page optimization best practices, oversaw PPC campaigns, identified and helped build several new revenue streams, helped secure several partnerships, redesigned individual web pages using persuasive copywriting techniques, identified customer needs based on primary and secondary research, edited and rewrote articles and emails, and much more.

Connie Spruill, CEO Intentional Woman Online 

Connie was a business coach helping women business owners when she first started working with Mr. Tarr; however she knew nothing about internet marketing. After working with The Tarr Group Connie acquired three new consulting clients and now she is helping them market their businesses online.

In less than six months Connie not only learned how to build her business using internet marketing strategies, she was asked to give six seminars on internet marketing to over the 3,000 business owners. Additionally, she has two new joint venture possibilities and has added over 1000 subscribers to her newsletter.

Finally, Connie has developed a 12 session teleseminar based exclusively on the information she received during her 12 meetings with Brett Tarr. She added that she now has “dozens of new clients” interested in joining her new services that Mr. Tarr helped her identify and build.

Rajiv Kapur, President, Configurations

Rajiv already knew quite a bit about internet marketing when he first began working with The Tarr Group last year. His industry (experiential marketing) was facing its worst decline in history with most companies losing 50 % – 70% of their sales from the year before. After working with Mr. Tarr for less than two months he was able to identify and build an innovative new service offering that will allow Mr. Kapur to make up from his losses – resulting in a gain of several millions of dollars in new revenue and return to the black in less than 18 months.

Mike and Janet Heft, President and Founder, Veritee

Mike and Janet were already internet savvy before joining The Tarr Group. Mike was voted as the top 200 software developers in the world and Janet had her own practice teaching internet marketing strategies to small business owners.

With assistance from The Tarr Group, Janet redesigned her website, wrote an ebook and identified a new business model and pricing strategies that will allow her to “easily double my earnings from last year.”

Lisa Brown, President, The Courage to Win

Lisa already had a successful business when she first partnered with The Tarr Group but to her surprise she saw her profits increase by over 15% in just five weeks.

Lisa originally came to The Tarr Group looking for PPC consultation but she also received help with her pricing strategies, email marketing and up-sell process. Lisa adds “I would never make a decision about internet marketing without Brett’s help first.”